I’m pretty sure dreamers will understand me.

My person and my work are not very separate things and I enjoy very much this fact. Especially because in this way I can afford to leave a larger part of “what I am” in my work, like a personal signature that I share in everything I do. This person-work connection is so intense that you can call me “a crazy workaholic” if you want. Hell yeah! Cheers! 😉

Some days ago I envisioned this moment:

Today, December 31th, I will share with you something new, something that was actually built by me and some kind of symbolic farewell to this decade (for the twenty-tens, or 2010s) and at the same time a warm welcome to the new 2020s. (Wow, we’re living the twenties and no longer dancing Foxtrot or Charleston, but … Reggaeton? OMG!).

And I share this because passion is contagious.

And because by performing this kind of ceremony I also create a recurring reminder in my consciousness, something that works as an alarm clock that helps me to keep moving forward, despite everything. And I hope this mechanism continues to work for the next decades and so on, so I’ll be able to share my enthusiasm for a very long time with other people like me, who are willing to become the owners of a good part of their destiny, who are willing to become more creators than insatiable consumers of random content and nonsense stuff.

This simple writing exercise works very well for me to visualize more clearly the way forward, and the fact of sharing it with people serves me as well to keep my motivation and to act, because if I don’t act, I’ll feel I’m in debt not only with me but also with you.

Sharing is caring.

What I’ll show you is the starting point for the roadmap I mentioned before, the launchpad for many projects and the mockup for my personal and professional growth, but not for me alone.

I share it with you also because the act of sharing is a tremendously powerful tool that among other things allowed our Civilization to reach the current state of the art, and I’m not exaggerating. This writing is also a call for your feedback. A call to your attention and a call to create links, to start building genuine and positive values to create a better future together.

I can assert that passion is contagious, so here we are … this are my two cents for this new decade to start with a virtuous circle of good will, a lot of eagerness to work with creativity and positivity. What a way to start the new decade! Isn’t it?

If you managed to read this far, I encourage you to keep reading a little bit more, and then I’ll show you 🙂

This is only the tip of a huge iceberg. 😉

The tip of an iceberg

Challenging myself every day.

I don’t want to live a life empty of challenges, I think it could feel like being a zombie. Sfida is an Italian word that means “challenge”. “Sfida” is the word that defines better than any other what I feel for my daily connection with my activities.

So, I work for Sfida Studios and it was named more or less 10 years ago, another fact worth celebrating today, the last day of this decade.

It is the name I just dreamt for my daily work, for my humble studios, for my little agency or in the best of cases, a talent hub, a launchpad where we share our projects, our effort and knowledge to grow together.

This way of living in permanent challenge, this italian word, and some of my personal passions, allowed me to meet incredible people during this decade that is coming to an end.

The effort, knowledge, but also our eagerness to learn without stopping, allowed us to create incredible connections, and fulfill several dreams.

I have a long list of people I want to thank for many incredible things that happened to me during this decade. And the list includes wonderful people, family, friends and colleagues from Argentina, Italy, Uruguay, Spain, Switzerland, England, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, but above all, from Turdera, my town, the place where I grew up and where I still live.

They all know very well, many of them are probably reading this. Whether geographically near or far, we can do great things together, because we are like building blocks for the future of our interconnected lives.

At Sfida Studios we have a lot of good news for 2020!

And finally I present to you the new Sfida Studios web site (yes, you can click, that’s a link!), the updated showcase for our work, a place where we’ll show you not only the projects we’ve been working on recently, but also and more interesting, the projects to come, our work in progress, the starting point for a long roadmap to our future!

And of course, a meeting point for our future teammates, many of them we still don’t know! 😉 That’s really exciting!

This is the kind of stuff we want to share with you, a bit deeper than simply showing you a cold portfolio:

Our will to improve continuously the quality of our results, not only by adopting new technologies and tools, but also by building new relationships, sharing what we do in a way that could attract our new potential partners.  Here we welcome and encourage new partnerships. In our history, new partnerships always led to some kind of disruption, and disruptive events are welcome!

That kind of bonds add real value and are key for the realization of new dreams.

Sfida Studios - New web site 2020!

Create, innovate and deliver value to everything.

That was the beginning of this story.

The new twenties are coming loaded with tons of opportunities. Let’s embrace it together!

There’ll be so many projects that we’ll share with you here or by other channels, but now I invite you to go to our new site, and please share it with your friends or colleagues. Thanks in advance.

Let’s build a great new decade together. Happy 2020 to everyone! Make IT happen!

Verona mini planet

PS: And never forget that with our imagination we can create entire new worlds.